Environmental Safety Alliance Website Launched

Environmental Safety AllianceJeff Evans, CEO of JC-Evans, inc, recently completed work on a website for the Environment Safety Alliance (ESA).

The website ( is a gateway for information regarding food safety standards.

ESA was founded to advocate for, and educate about, environmental and food safety. Environmental advocacy groups, corporate food retailers, and agri-business, driven by ideology and economics, often advocate policies, rules, and regulations that fail to consider the safety of the food handled and presented to the consumer.

The website helps ESA

  • Promote food safety through rules and regulations for the retail food and agri-business industries
  • Protect the health and safety of both consumers and handlers of retail food such as butchers, baggers, and check-out clerks.
  • Encourage methods and programs to reduce the cost of food and increase nutritional value
  • Educate stakeholders about the safety costs and benefits of proposed rules and regulations

Additional websites developed by JC-Evans, Inc. can be viewed here.